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Wedgwood publish the Teaching Technology for Education magazine as one of our free services to UK schools and colleges.  We have collated a list of articles here that are specific to interactive whiteboards, interactive touch screens and related technologies.  There are also three guides for interactive whiteboards.  A quick overview, a full 26 page guide, and one dealing with whiteboard technology choices, which can all be downloaded in PDF format.





A quick guide to interactive whiteboards

Whiteboard And Interactive Products Guide 2017 (24 page guide to interactive whiteboards and interactive products)


Interactive technology classroom choices - interactive whiteboards - interactive projectors - touch screens



Front projection whiteboards


Interactive projectors utilise dry-wipe whiteboards



Interactive desks


Clevertouch Fusion a solution for schools that ticks all boxes for an interactive table / easel / whiteboard



Interactive projector articles


All the benefits of an interactive whiteboard without the whiteboard
Interactive teaching without a whiteboard - ViewSonic
NEC interactive whiteboard kit - a solution for schools when you want an interactive whiteboard without having to buy the board

Sandringham School delivers advanced learning experiences with interactive projector

Manufacturer ranges

Hitachi range of interactive whiteboards, whiteboard system, projectors and interactive projectors for education

PolyVision eno enhances traditional values with interactivity - 3-in-1 boards

PolyVision eno interactive whiteboards in the simulated hospital wards at St Andrews University Medical School


Meet the family and discover a range of SMART Boards
SMART Boards and SMART Notebook 2014
Portable whiteboard systems
Hand-held mobile interactive whiteboard
Turning plain walls or dry erase whiteboards into interactive surfaces with eBeam
Turn your dry erase whiteboard or plain walls into an interactive surface
You have interactivity but need sound, a microphone and a one touch recording



PNF solutions to turn whiteboards interactive and converts laptop into an interactive tablet

Touch screens

The simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer

Touch screens for education - introducing touchscreens for schools and colleges